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Public Institution
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General Information
The Mostar Youth Theatre - MTM - was founded on the 24th February 1974. The main part of our work has been dedicated to the continuous and systematic theatrical education of children and young people. For this education the best progressive modern European methods have been followed. The performances of the Mostar Youth Theatre are an ongoing creative process. The young people who attend MTM are involved and trained in all elements of performance, especially free improvisation, acting games, physical theatre, movement, voice, pantomime, dance, masks, various styles of acting etc. Through such work MTM has had the following results: young actors continuing with their further acting education; young actors obtaining professional engagements; young actors who become permanent members of MTM; a regular audience becoming more and more faithful and enthusiastic in their support of the work. The theatre has been financed from the budget of the City of Mostar, who are its founders. It also receives funds from cantonal, federal and state ministries, as well as from international donnors wherever possible. The main partners of the theatre are: local/federal/state ministries of education, science, culture and sport, the Centre for Drama Education, the Faculty of Humanties, the Faculties of Drama Arts and various other local and international organisations and individuals.
Mission and Objectives

The Mostar Youth Theatre is not only „teatar“, or „pozorište“, or „kazalište“ (i.e.: teatar – theatre, pozorište - theatre in serbian language, kazalište – theatre in croatian language).
The Mostar Youth Theatre is teatar as well pozorište and kazalište.
The Mostar Youth Theatre is before everything an idea.
The Mostar Youth Theatre is a project of new, open, actual, research ways of doing the art of theatre. It is a place of creative exploring, in which the saint rule is esthetics, but, even beyond that, its superior rule is the ethics. It's a profile of the "third theatre", in which it is essential to have amateur love for theatre next to professional arrangement and results.
The Mostar Youth Theatre is not a theatre in which everything is about work.
The Mostar Youth Theatre is way of living.
The show never ends there. It's a living organism which is constantly changing, enlarging, exploring...
Actors work there even when there's no play or rehearsal, due to the fact that there's always something new to learn there.
The Mostar Youth theatre is turned to the future taking all the wealth given from past and present.
The Mostar Youth Theatre is turned to the world to study, but also to teach.
The Mostar Youth Theatre is a bridge for the future.
The main tasks of the Mostar Youth Theatre are:
• The furtherance and development of drama education work, learning from the experiences of drama pedagogy in BiH;
• The furtherance and development of speech culture and culture of public events;
• The development of the methodology of drama education;
• Help in the work, and additional education, of teachers and educationalists for drama education work;
• Cooperation with educationalists and drama schools:
• Helping to promote drama-talented students;
• Preventing young people from any forms of addiction;
• Protecting the reputation and expertise of its members;
• Using drama education work in dealing with, and releasing, the consequences of trauma.

Main Projects / Activities

The Mostar Youth Theatre has the following activities: children's theatre groups; a youth theatre group and the senior professional MTM groups.
The Mostar Youth Theatre also organizes an International Theatre Festival of Authorial Project. It aims to assemble as good a collection of new ideas as possible from within theatres internationally. The Festival is held every year around the last weekend of August. MTM awards four equal awards for authorial approach in any element of the performances of the festival program.
In addition, the Mostar Youth Theatre has established an annual International award called the “Grozdanin Kikot” award for the five individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to the development of drama education. The awards are presented at a ceremony on the 24th February each year in Mostar, on the occasion of the Mostar Youth Theatre‘s birthday.
The Mostar Youth Theatre, through the Centre for Drama Education of Bosnia & Herzegovina (CDOBiH), is the member of the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA).
The Mostar Youth Theatre and the Network of Independent Theatres, participated in the second programme - Play Against Violence 2, in Projects: Network, Steps and To stay or to go.
Its biggest projects implemented so far are:
Pax Bosnensis, War and Theatre, FACTORY, and numerous others.
It is also important to mention that Mostar Youth Theatre is the BH Centre of ASSITEJ.
One of the most recent relevant activities of our theatre is the participation at the festival of the Theatre of the Oppressed, which took place in April and May 2009 in Palestin and Israel.

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Sead Djulic
Head of the organisation
Sead Djulic
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Armin Hadzimusic