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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
General Information
NGO Nova Feminist Culture Center is non-governmental organization. The basic legal document is Statute which goes in line with legislation regulating the NGO/s sector work. In NGO NOVA there are following governing bodies: Parliament, Executive Board and Executive Director. For now, there is only one person employed in the organization, but during 2009. two more persons will be employed. The other coworkers are being engaged by contract. Budgetary resources available in 2008 was 28 000 EUR Sources of funding during 2008 were: international donors - FOSI ROM, The Royal Netherlands Embassy, UNESCO and Montenegrin Government. Modalities of action are: concrete artistic projects initiating and organizing, seminars/workshops organizing, the publishing of books, cooperating with similar international and regional groups, projects and organizations. Main partners involved in the organization's projects/activities during 2008/2009 were the individuals, nongovernmental organization, cultural institutions, publishing houses, production houses, educational institutions (The Faculty of Political Science)
Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to initiate and strengthen women’s/feminist artistic/cultural praxis deconstructing the concept of monolithic, ”universal culture”. That way we want to deny the idea of cultural re-presentations as universal ones, to show up them to be just constructions generated by the centers of (patriarchal) political power. So, our activity is based on the following principles: culture is not universal, culture is not non-political, culture is not non-gendered. By promoting feminine culture (par excellence culture of otherness) we are going to take part in the creation of new culture that would come out of truly interaction of different cultures - identities, social, political and aesthetic positions.
Our aims are:
- Initiating and organizing the art projects, workshops and educative programs;
- Women artists linking up and different networking forms;
- Establishing international cooperation with similar groups and organizations;
- Strengthening women’s arts infrastructure in Montenegro;
- Making influence on the culture policy creators.

Main Projects / Activities

So far, since January 2008. NGO NOVA has carried out following projects:
- Women in Media Mirror: Media Literacy and Gender Equality, chrestomathy,
- Culture is Feminine Gender - the film Pillar of Salt, 2008.
The projects currently under way:
- Culture is Feminine Gender - workshops “Am I a Feminist Artist”
- The History of Gender Representations in Montenegrin Media
- Montenegrin Women’s Private Life History
- Montenegrin Women’s History Museum

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Natasa Nelevic
Head of the organisation
Natasa Nelevic