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31, am Bounert
6975 Rameldange

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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Environment/Sustainable development
  4. Gender
  5. Human rights
  6. International/Cultural relations
  7. Media
  8. Religion
  9. Research
  10. Youth and education
General Information

Our Common Future is a non-profit organisation aiming to strengthen participatory democracy by supporting the creation of new

participation models and platforms. Our Common Future also offers workshops in the field of political

education, comprising media competencies, video journalism, negotiation strategies, public

speaking skills, social media campaigns, team building, management and communication. Our

members currently mostly reside in Europe, but also on other continents. Our current keyactions

include: 'Democracy Mindgame', 'Imagine Europe', 'EU Democracy Rallye', 'Bridge Builders' and 'Global Governance Development'.

Mission and Objectives

Our Common Future aims to enhance democratic participation, in particular of young people, by giving them  the means to express themselves through modern media and communication channels. During our projects, participants are provided with access to communities, networks, and policy makers, that shall allow them to gather in depth information and footage on the issue at hand. Participants can initiate their own topics, and Our Common Future aims to evolve into a worldwide participation platform, designed to strengthen democratic decision-making processes. We put particular focus on documentary film-making and involve professionals in that field to teach participants fundamental and expert elements of this medium, including  journalist skills,  research, interview techniques, camera, sound, and more.

Main Projects / Activities

In 2015, Our Common Future organised 3 documentary film making projects, in Vienna, Luxembourg, and Brussels. Participants focused on such diverse topics as new ways for political participation, Europe's response to migration, homophobia, and happiness in life. More projects are planned in 2016, in Europe as well as in neighbouring countries including Morocco, Turkey, Armenia, and Ukraine among others. The projects planned involve the integration of migrants in Europe through social entrepreneurship, giving professionals and students in the field of integration the opportunity to experience themselves and integration procedure in a new culture, and intercultural communication in borderlands and their role for the preservation of peace.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Our Common Future Asbl. can support the head organisation of the ALF Network in Luxembourg, the 'Centre culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster', in the organisation of intercultural communication workshops involving the use of new media, in particular documentary productions. We also closely cooperate with the Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg, as well as the Information Office of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, and the House of Europe in Luxembourg. Our personal contacts with the educational sector in Luxembourg as well as youth organisations also allow us to effectively implement cooperation programmes with teachers, students, and young people in general.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Becoming a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation network will allow our organisation to increase our outreach accross the Mediterranean and to apply as well as to deepen our experience in the field of intercultural communication. Topics such as migration or economic cooperation are at the core of our activities, and they also lie at the heart of the Euro-Mediterranean Region. in previous projects, we have also dealt with overcoming stereotypes and misunderstandings between different cultures. Our Common Future aims to foster dialogue and trust between different cultures, which is why we believe to share the objectives of the Anna Lindh Foundation network. Treasuring both diversity and cooperation forms a part of our core principles.

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Philippe Ternes
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social entrepreneur
Head of the organisation
Philippe Ternes
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Camille T'Kint
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Communication Manager