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General Information

TEATRO A CANONE, theatrical research and creation group is made up of five people working together in the theatre. It was founded in 2008 and is located in Chivasso (Turin). The daily workshop consists of physical and vocal training according to Theatre Anthropology principles, the practice of Indian classic dances (Kathakali and Odissi) and research about physical actions in relation to music. Simultaneously, the creation of performances makes the group deal with scenic composition techniques.

Mission and Objectives

Teatro a Canone realizes many projects keeping in mind local territory around Chivasso and the international vision of the theatrical research. Between these guidelines, a set of activities exists on the territory meant as a geographic area in which Teatro a Canone, through the workshop dimension, creates new cultural relationships, but also as territories in which social disease becomes the privileged context where creating new dramaturgies able to dialogue with the contemporary times.

Main Projects / Activities

In 2010 Teatro a Canone spent 45 days in a psychiatric centre at Mental Health Service in Trento where the actors and the director rehearsed a new performance based on the classical drama of Hamlet. At the end of a creative process, the performance "Soave sia il vento" links Shakespeare’s lines with the real stories of the people healed from psychiatric diseases. In 2011 the pioneer group divided and Luca Vonella took over Teatro a Canone. Actor, director and pedagogue, he realized Horatio – naked lives: a “danced testimony” of his itinerary in the many Italian psychiatric centres, in particular in Trento. Besides Laura Prono who collaborated on specific projects, Anna Fantozzi from Marcido Marcidorjs Theatre Company joined Teatro a Canone. Anna is an actress, a scenographer and started creating Puppetry. With other actresses, the group created A hard rain-study for a tempest based on The Tempest by William Shakespeare.
The performance recreates conflicts and sceneries from the Third World; it debuted at “Kaleidoscope International Youth festival of Contemporary Art” in Tuzla (Bosnia-Herzegovina). At that time, Teatro a Canone started the cooperation with the Antiviolence
Centre of Chivasso. It was born like a permanent laboratory Il Clan delle Cicatrici in which badly treated women were trained in vocal and physical exercises.
Experts of Anti-violence Centre notice the utility of this training for their rehabilitation. They created a play that is presented at “Teatri Peregrini - No borders Performance Art Festival” in Sardinia. Teatro a Canone led workshops with disabled people, institutional
high schools, Municipalities and theatres.
Teatro a Canone has collaborated with Università di Roma Tre, Altamira Studio Teater in Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Holstebro, Denmark). With Teatro Tascabile of Bergamo, Teatro a Canone contributed to the grand opening performance of Picture
Gallery Accademia Carrara in Bergamo.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

To spread practices, techniques and aesthetic contents among young of Mediterranean. Create moments of cultural exchange and research in the field of Performing Arts. Increase the artistic experiences and encourage the local youth protagonism. Strengthen solidarity between the Italian, European and North African people.
To estabilish multidisciplinar relation with the score to generate educational, pedagogical, cultural, artistic and social actions.
We performed in Tunisia and we have very good relations with Cultural Institutions and Theatre Festivals. We want to stimulate research theatre laboratories, street performances to reach new spectators, to creat a new public in the lower and weakes social groups.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to establish new relations with new partners expanding the possibilities to meet new organizations. We want to have cooperation experiences in North Africa, to realize more efficient intercultural projects between Mediterranean countries. We want to learn from other organizations through cultural exchanges and reflection meeting.

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Luca Vonella
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Head of the organisation
Teatro a Canone APS
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Chiara Crupi
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Docente universitario (La Sapienza di Roma)