Topluma Destek Derneği

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Kemalpaşa Mahallesi Küçük Hamam Sokak Selahi Aksoy İş Merkezi Kat:2 No:61,
17100 Canakkale Merkez/Çanakkale

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information

"Community Support" Association ( Topluma Destek Derneği) is a youth non-governmental, non-profit making organization working in the territory of Çanakkale region.
The organization was established in April 2017 and since then actively working and growing day by day. The main objective is using cultural, educational and art activities to encourage the personal and professional development of the citizens through non-formal education and also the building up and development of active citizenship among them. The organization is an alternative for young people in the region to realize their potential and become an active part of society. It is founded by people seeking a positive change for young people in Turkey. Apart from these, we are trying to raise awareness on the topic of human rights, children, women. youth and animal rights. We also aim at providing equal possibilities for youth with fewer opportunities. The organization gives them the opportunity to develop their selves by participating in various initiatives and events at local, national and international level. The organization periodically organizes training, workshops, seminars with youngsters in order to provide them with new skills in different areas, to introduce teamwork, time management, critical thinking etc. "Community Support" Association is working with the aim to develop intercultural dialogue and understanding between young people from whole Europe crossing all the difference developing initiatives fighting the racism and xenophobia among youth from the different religious, ethnic, cultural, geographical or economic background.
Our organization actively is working in the field of environment, ecology. We are organizing workshops and beach cleaning activities. Our organization is working with other organisations in this field.
TDD also collaborates with local public authorities, education units, private sector representatives and civil society organizations to improve the work for the benefit of youth.
We are a member of GoFor youth organisation support group.
We do not have employed staff in the organisation, but mainly working on a volunteer and freelance base.
We are applying for projects and until now we got approved 9 projects under Erasmus plus as applicants and more than 30 as a partner organisation. Also, we are got fundings from different programs in Turkey as well.
We have ESC accreditation and actively working as a supporting and receiving organisation.

Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to give an opportunity to every person to do something for their life and the life of the others around. Creating a human rights supporting and awareness mechanism that will help everybody to get to know their rights and learn how to support.
Offering an equal and transparent opportunity for every young person to develop their competences by organising different workshops and projects. Creating international projects in order to promote the Turkish culture and at the same time break the stereotypes toward different nations, ethnicity and culture. All of our activities are free of charge and every person is able to participate.

Main Projects / Activities

ESC projects,
Magazine clubs,
Debate/Discussion Clubs
Language/Cultural Clubs
Media Club
YE projects
Training on different topics
Human rights department
Awareness campaigns
Local projects
Climate change awareness actions
Project developement

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can be active members that will contribute to the network by sharing experiences on a different topic and exchanging ideas.
We are ready for collaboration and bring refreshment to your activities. Doing something as a network can bring great results. We are ready to be part of this amazing network and reach and support the people around. We have a certified Dialogue Facilitator in the organisation and Experienced person in different fields. Also VE and Erasmus projects.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

To make new partnerships, spread the ideas, contribute to your work and gain new skills and experiences. We work in collaboration with the local media and press so we can help with the promotion, dissemination and follow up of the activities.

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Slavica Uzan
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Project Coordinator
Head of the organisation
Kahraman Uzan
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Kahraman Uzan
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