Tunisian International Model United Nations (TIMUN)

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016 HEDI KARRAY (FSJPT), Centre Urbain Nord Tunis 1082
1082 Tunis

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Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
General Information

The Tunisian International Model United Nations is an association founded in 2009 by students from the Faculty of Legal, Political, and Social Sciences of Tunis, to promote the goals and principles of the United Nations and to strengthen the skills of young students. TIMUN is a pioneer Organization; indeed, since 2015, the TIUNN association has been under the high patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The final report of the simulations, consisting of various resolutions, was officially submitted to the Tunisian Government.

Mission and Objectives

Tunisian International Model United Nations (TIMUN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the values of diplomacy and international relations among young people in Tunisia. We work with students in schools and universities, providing them with academic training and mentorship to help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in Model United Nations simulations.

Main Projects / Activities

-Simulations of the United Nations and other national and international Committees, courts, parliaments, and others -Workshops about International Relations, Human rights, youth empowerment; women empowerment -Tours: Such as the UN&TIMUN Regional Tour

Additional Information
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Mohamed Ali Dhrioua
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Head of the organisation
Mohamed Ali Dhrioua
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Mohamed Melek Mahfoufh
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National Secretary responsible for Treasury and External Relations