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Jezzine Serail, Jezzine, South Lebanon

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General Information
the Union includes 28 municipalities, President, vice president, 26 other members (HEAD OF MUNICIPALITIES), Mayor and Attorney Fouad El Haj political Referent to an ENPI CBC MED program called T-NET, PARTNERS: TOSCUNY REGION- ITALY, PACA REGION - FRANCE, UNDP, OTHER NGO AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES, Staff: 13 persons plus outsourcing,budgetary resources about 1500000$, Governmental subventions, local taxes,public services, donations, Modalities of action is to develope the various sectors in Jezzine region while preserving the natural and cultural heritage by adhering to high environmental quality standards to organize urban expansion and to protect green spaces, to provide conditions that allow economic growth, invite visitors, attract investors and contribute to the creation of job opportunities for the locals, execute concrete project defined in the Unions Strategic Plan, • Develop common vision and mission statements for Jezzine region, to set general objectives for the strategy plan and specific objectives for each sector to Identify and elaborate strategic intervention (potential projects) for each sector. All within an institutional framework operating with passion and credibility and by which the Union is the leading reference in this united process of integrated sustainable development.
Mission and Objectives

To work on the development of the various sectors in Jezzine Region while preserving the natural and cultural heritage by adherence to high quality environmental norms; organization of urban expansion and the protection of green spaces; and provision of conditions that support economic growth and result in the initiation of projects that attract visitors and investors alike and contribute to the creation of job opportunities for the locals; all within a systematic institutional framework that is based on working with passion and credibility and that constitutes a leading reference in the integrated sustainable development of the region.

Main Projects / Activities

Solid Waste Management, Waste-water Management,Potable water sources,Road Networks,Basic Services, renewable energy,Public and private schools support,Vocational and Training Institutions, Inter-connectivity between villages, eco-tourism activities, Equipping a Pine nuts Processing Center (crushing, packaging and marketing), Revival of Apple Production and Introduction of New Added Value Varieties, Establishment of an Extension Center for Support and Guidance to Farmers (introduction of new crops, use of fertilizers, promotion of organic farming and products, Construction of Eco-lodges , Initiation of a "Natural Reserve Zone " pilot project within the Jezzine area, Establishment of a Booth for Selling Local Agricultural Products with Specific Branding for Jezzine Region, Construction of Agricultural Roads to provide access to arable land,Construction and operation of a solid waste Sorting and Composting Facility, Implementation of the Waste-water Management Plan, Construction of a Power Station, Electricity Generation through Wind and Solar Energy, industry and education sector support...

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

by exchanging support, knowledge and values,by helping in establishing a solid framework for cooperation.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

to access and exchange ideas and skills and enhance cooperation among local and international network partners through cross border collaboration, to acquire help and support for implementing cultural and humanistic values, to improve the way of living of the community by building infrastructure and social development...

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Mr. Khalil Harfouche
Head of the organisation
Mr. Khalil Harfouche
Contact (2) Full Name
Mr. Fouad El Haj