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General Information

The Union of Women Members’ Associations of Heraklion Prefecture was established in 2000 as a Non-Governmental Organization, with Registration Number 13117 SYP. It is a Legal Person Governed by Private Law. According to the decision of the Ministry for Health and Social Solidarity, which was published in 1453/v.Β/21-10-05 FEK, it is a certified provider of Social Care Services. Objectives of the Union are:  The improvement of Women’s role in the Society,  The prominence of mother’s role in the family,  The support for equal rights and the social civilization. Our Union is active all over Crete. Actions of the Union: • “Guest House for the Abused Women and Children”: It was created in 2000 in the city of Heraklion with objective to offer hospitality, to support, to consult and provide legal aid to women and children, who have been victims of violence inside or outside their family.                • Consulting Centre: Its aim is the provision of immediate help to women who are victims of violence and their children via personal interviews, their psychological support, the offer of legal advice and, what is more, their information for the possibility of hospitality in case of emergency. • S.O.S Line - «Line of Hope», 801-11-16000, functions in a daily basis from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m., no charge call, covering whole Crete. Through the line S.O.S. women-victims or their relatives have the chance to receive information, regarding the existence and operation of the Guest House, the Consulting Centre and, what is more, for the actions they can undertake in order to deal with violence. • Our Second Guest House, the “HOUSE OF ANGELS”, which is in building phase, is created for the protection and the hospitalization of young children age 0-6 years old, who have been abandoned by their parents, are neglected or remain “unsought”. The motive for this new attempt is the lack of supportive context and confrontation of such incidents that unfortunately are often presented in our island.  • The Union of Women Members’ Associations of Heraklion Prefecture organizes information campaigns, lectures on intra-familial violence and the abuse of children to schools in the Municipality of Heraklion and the Prefecture, in hospitals and other institutions, such as the Hellenic Red Cross etc. • Publication of the magazine “Galini”, (meaning serene) and which is sold to members, subscribers and friends of the Union, assuring a small extra profit for the institution. • From 2007 till 2008 the Union in collaboration with the Ministry of Employment and Social Security had undertaken European Projects placed among the Work “Assistance Actions for the Employment of Unemployed with the active participation of Non-Governmental Organizations” of Measure 6 of EP “Employment and Professional Formation” from the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and the Special Service Application of Co-Funded actions. The action was co-funded by 80% from the European Social Fund and by 20% from national fundings.

Mission and Objectives

-  The improvement of Women’s role in the Society, -   The prominence of mother’s role in the family, -  The support for equal rights and the social civilization. - the provision of social services to women in vulnurable position  - the promotion of gender equality in Crete  Our Union is active all over Crete.

Main Projects / Activities

The main projects we run are:  1. “Violence through Children’s Eyes” performed in the Municipality of Heraklion. Promotion of gender issues to schools  2. “Mediation in the Family for the Repression of Violence” performed in the Municipality of Gazi 3. “Mediation in the Family for the Repression of Violence” performed in the Municipality of Moires 4. “Confrontation Centre of Cultural Differences in Primary Education” performed in the Municipality of Heraklion • “Live Again”- Action 1.8/09 “Informative Campaign aiming to the awareness raising of public and also women-citizen from third countries’ on information provision, regarding the confrontation of trafficking, intra-familial violence and sexual harassment”, co-funded from the European Fund by 75% and by 25% from National Funds. (Completed) • GRUNDTVIG- CERTAINLY MOM: Parenting support to women victims of domestic violence, aims at creating a European network for exchange, training, information and constant collaboration on the topic of parenting support to women victims of domestic violence and, in particular, on the support activities addressed to migrant women. The overall aim of the project actions is to help the beneficiaries to enhance, acquire or re-acquire their parenting skills (Ongoing) • “Commun-AID-Increasing the capacity of domestic workers of different origins to respond to sexual violence through community-based interventions” funded by European Commission under the DAPHNE III program, whose overall aim is to increase the capacity of migrant domestic workers to respond to sexual violence through developing and testing community-based interventions (Ongoing) • “Social Structures Addressing Poverty in the Municipality of Heraklion”, which aims at the strengthening and social inclusion of socially vulnerable groups and especially of homeless people or people experiencing poverty, through psychosocial support and information activities from collaborating social entities (Ongoing) • “Local Cooperation for Social Integration”, Development Partnership “Social Net”, aiming at the effective integration of 100 people of vulnerably socially groups in work, on the basis of their own needs and the needs of the local labor market intervention area (Ongoing)  the management of the SHELTER for abused women - victims of domestic violence.  the development of the HOUSE for abandoned children (0-6)  Actions/ Mediations in Cultural Level: • Each year on November 25th we organize an exhibition or publication in the local press against the violence towards women in cooperation with other institution or citizen. • Moreover, we organize exhibitions for Woman’s and Mother’s World Days. • According to the importance of incidents, we often address letters to the Ministries of Justice, Health, Employment, the General Secretariat of Gender Equality and other institutions questioning, proposing, demanding answers and changes.    • We have organized the presentation of books relevant with violence or other issues touching women or civilization. The Union has Administrative Council and is comprised of 70 Members and mobilizes over of 100 volunteers.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Our organisation can act as a focal point of the National ALF network in the area of Crete, by providing information, needs and evaluation assessments for the area and promoting cooperation with other NGOs that are active in the fields of human rights in Greece. In addition, our organisation has the capacity to provide expertise and staff for mutual training, exchange of good practices in the fields of advocacy and women's rights, joint actions with simlar NGOs. Finally, our Association can act as an agent of the Network on issues of gender equality and women's rights in cases of transnational joint initiatives.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The main grounds of our participation to the network is the promotion of gender issues to third countries, cooperate with similar women NGO's and promote ALF spirit in Crete.

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Νicholas Σpetsidis
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Ιnternational projects manager
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