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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Human rights
  4. Youth and education
General Information
Yuva is a non governmental organization which has its head quarter in Istanbul and two community centers providing services for both Syrian Refugees and Turkish people in Gaziantep and Hatay.  Number of staff employed: 50  Partners and sources of funding: International Medical Corps (IMC), Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Federal Foreign Office (AA), Open Society Institute, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Inmedio, European Association for Adult Education (EAEA), GIZ, Support to Life Association, Community Volunteers Foundation, Open Coalition, Turkish Ministry for Urbanisation and Environment 6. Regional Directorate, Clean Air Platform Budget for 2014: 1.849,053 TL (2014)  Modalities of Action: YUVA has two main programs, Earth Citizenship Program and Syrian Refugees Program.  In the scope of Earth Citizenship Program, there are 3 projects running. Ecological Literacy Project, Ecoraise Project and Future Without Coal Project  In the scope of Syrian Refugees Program, there are 2 Community Centers that are providing vocational courses and lanuage courses in Gaziantep and Hatay.  
Mission and Objectives

Yuva's mission is:
Micro level
YUVA takes measures for sustainable life styles, poverty reduction and democratization through adult learning and promotes participatory teaching methods. For poverty reduction measures our focus is on least developed regions and disadvantaged groups.
Meso level
YUVA aims to strengthen environmental, human rights and civic, intercultural and political education.
-  YUVA runs capacity building activities of adult learning institutions in order to increase the participation of the people in Turkey in non formal adult education activities. YUVA strengthens adult learning institutions in responding appropriately to the needs of their target groups and in becoming vibrant hubs for education in their communities.
-  Good practice is being promoted through facilitating local, national, regional and international cooperation in the field of adult learning.
Macro level:
In order to create a supportive environment for learners, facilitators and providers of adult learning, YUVA consults decision makers and other organizations in creating policies.
-  YUVA holds public debates and events to help put the following themes on the agenda of decision makers and practitioners:
Being aware of the relation between human and all  beings,
Being active in the society in order to defense equality, justice and solidarity
Being peaceful and inclusive
Valuing diversity.

Main Projects / Activities

YUVA has two main programs, Earth Citizenship Program and Syrian Refugees Program.
The Earth Citizenship Program that we are implementing at Yuva Association is a program that encourages people to be responsible for the things happening around them or in the world and act for them, our commons. It aims to widen our point of view and to perceive the earth, the place we belong as our home and to have responsible lives. The program is consist of education projects for youth and adults that aims to meet all the needs to have this kind of approach to life as an individual and as a public/society. 
There are 3 projects running in this program:
1- Naturally Young Ecological Literacy Project
2- Ecoraise Project 
3- Future Without Coal Project 
The main objective of Syrian Refugees Support Program conducted since April 2013 is to empower Syrian community and the local people through non-formal adult education, to develop and implement psychosocial support program especially for Syrians’ emotional and cognitive well-being, to improve and strengthen professional skills through vocational trainings and income generating activities, and to increase the dialogue and solidarity between Syrian refugees and the local people through social activities.
In the framework of Syrian Refugees Program, YUVA has established two Community Centers in Kırıkhan and Nizip. Yuva Community Centers provide community protection and support activities including case management, awareness raising sessions, social counseling, legal aid, community mobilization; language courses; computer trainings; skills development courses; vocational trainings and social activities aiming at belonging to society they live.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Since 2010, YUVA has an intensive experience on working with different target groups on education activities such as adult, youth, intercultural and international groups. 
Yuva has been implementing the first and only ecological literacy training program for youth in Turkey  since 2013.
On the other hand, since the Syrian crisis started, many Syrians in Turkey enter in a period to establish their lives in Turkey. Income generating and livelihood activities gains importance. In this period, the service of YUVA's Community Centers providing language and vocational training is invaluable.
YUVA is open to share its all experience and sources (educational programs and publications) in order to contribute to the ALF network in Turkey. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Since YUVA has been developing education programmes for different target groups, it would be an invaluable opportunity for YUVA to benefit from the experience of ALF itself and its network such as participating in training programs, applying for funds and finding partners for potential cooperations. 

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Erdem Vardar
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Erdem Vardar
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Özge Sönmez
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Program Manager