ALF Network Members Field Visit #6

ALF Network Members Field Visit #6

On the 5th of February 2021 was held the ALF Network Members Field Visit #6, organized by the HoN of the Anna Lindh Foundation Turkey, at the premises of our Network Members' offices in Istanbul, following the previous ones organized in the last months in Ankara, Eskisehir and Antalya.

This meeting registered the attendance of the representatives of National Coordinators respectively assistant coordinators, Mrs. Esmeralda Kashari and Mr. Jacopo Cimmino and the Network members based in Istanbul. This meeting provided the attendees with the opportunity:
- to have a better knowledge of the work and involvement of the Network Members,
- to discuss further calls and assistance in this regard,
- to evaluate opportunities and possible collaborations,
- to go through past ALF events,
- to analyze the principles of the Anna Lindh Foundation and how to put them into practice in the activities.t

In addition, the participants were informed invited to attend the upcoming activities that the HoN Turkey will be organizing from March to the end of June 2021.