ALFinMotion Mobility Program - Journey to Cairo and Alexandria

Four women standing in a row, they are smiling

Heidi Rautionmaa (second from the left), who represents the RfP Women of Faith Network in Finland and URI in Finland, embarked on a journey to Cairo and Alexandria as part of the ALFinMotion Mobility program. Here she shares her experiences from the trip.

This mobility gave possibility to get to know Egypt's wide and varied culture and how it is seen in today ́s diverse society. The journey to Cairo and Alexandria included meetings with colleagues that promote a more just and peaceful society. One of the goals of these encounters was to share ways of helping victims of violence to get empowered and to get out from violent situations. As an interfaith expert, it is always rewarding to see how stories connect individuals to others who share their experiences and generate the ability for individuals and organizations to act. Through telling our local work internationally, we learn to see the interconnectedness and our responsibilities on a global scale. We noticed how we have commonalities in preventing GBV and how we have a lot to learn from each other in overcoming this matter.

The host organization Life Foundation for Development and community integration took care of the extensive program, that also consisted of visits to museums, historical and religious sites, and homes of local people, which is always the best part of traveling. The ALFinMotion is a program of experimental learning. Experience is indeed the source of learning and development.


Writer: Heidi Rautionmaa, RfP Women of Faith Network in Finland and URI in Finland.