Announcement of the 35th International Book Fair in Sarajevo

The International Book Fair in Sarajevo will be held from April 17 to 22

This year's edition of the International Book Fair in Sarajevo will take place from April 17 to 22.

Organized by the KJP Center "Skenderija", this year's fair will be under the motto "Word", and is dedicated to writers, letters and languages of the world and art, education and science, and the participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. and world creators and publishers with special programs for the affirmation of the translation of the works of our authors into world languages and the translation of the works of world authors.

Press on the occasion of the International Book Fair in Sarajevo

More than 150 publishers from BiH, neighboring countries and the world, as well as international cultural centres operating in BiH, will participate in this year's fair. Honorary guests of the fair will be Bosnian writers from the diaspora.

As part of the fair, on April 20, 2024, the International Round Table on "Translation and Authors" will be held in the Ceremonial Salon from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The goal of the International Round Table is to discuss translation as a special scientific discipline, authorship and translation work, protection of translators' copyrights, linguistic and cultural aspects of translation. The round table will be opened by the ambassador of Greece in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Her Majesty. E. Ioanna Efthymiadou.

So far, 29 publishing houses from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Holland, England and France have applied for the promotion of publishing houses, authors and works in the "Bosnian House" of the Mirza Delibašić hall. In addition to the 42 promotions registered, 124 authors and 77 books will be presented. An international poetry festival, an anthology of contemporary BiH poetry will be promoted. poetry, children's literature, anthologies, plays, novels, publications, curriculum, stories for children and youth, educational stories.

Also, this year will traditionally mark World Art Day, World Book and Copyright Day, and the 70th anniversary of the European Convention on Culture. The expert jury consisting of: Asmir Kujović - president, Marija-Fekete Sullivan - member, Lejla Alimanović - member, Biljana Zarić - member and Aida Gavrić - member, will award the fair's traditional awards for the best achievements in the past year. In addition to the Fair's awards, publishers at the Book Fair will award their traditional awards.

At the fair, in addition to the Mirza Delibašić Hall, the Children's Pavilion will be opened in the Youth Centre, the Amphitheatre and the Dancing Hall, where the presentation and promotion of books for children and youth, workshops and playrooms dedicated to the creativity of the youngest, including theatre, music and film productions and new IT technologies.

JU Library of Sarajevo is the host of Children's City, and the partner is Kašmir promet and Children's Book from Zagreb. The goal of the "Children's City" program is to bring content closer to children in an interesting and appealing way, all with the aim of promoting the culture of reading.

Artists' exhibitions will be organized in the Youth Centre and the Foyer of the Skenderija centre, as well as the Exhibition of books translated into our and world languages by Bosnian authors. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the stands and associations, cultural and scientific institutions of BiH/NU BBiH, the National Museum of BiH, the Historical Museum of BiH, the Museum of Literature and Theatre Arts of BiH, the Writers' Society of BiH, Pen Centre, IPC and others.

The visual identity of this year's 35th International Book Fair is related to the "Word", applied to a stone - a river pebble hundreds of thousands or millions of years old that aims to bring us back and remind us of our roots when we lived in the Neolithic Age, the first communities, the beginnings real communication that resulted in today's technological level of development. The author of the Fair's visual identity is Samir Plasto, and the video is by Vedran Hamzić.

The President of the Program Council of the Sarajevo Book Fair, Ibrahim Spahić, introduced the members of the Program Council and stated that all preparations for the 35th International Book Fair in 2024 had been successfully completed. Spahić invited authors, publishers, readers and media to the most unique and significant holiday dedicated to books at the Skenderija centre and once again pointed out that civilizations are recognized by the word and its original value for communication and understanding between people and cultures of the world.

Working hours for visitors will be from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.