Discover the Arab World Exhibition


Exhibition: Discover the Arab World

Location: Brno, Silk Road Travelers Club

Organized by: Czech-Arab Society Brno, Club travellers Silk Road Brno, Anna Lindh Foundation Czech Network

The project was realized in the form of an exhibition of paintings and photographs from the Arab environment in Brno. It focuses on acquainting the majority of society with this topic.

The exhibition takes place from March to April 2022 in the Club travellers Silk Road Brno premises.

The paintings by Libya painter Abdulatti Tubtaba, photographs of Arabs living in Brno by Barbora Tesařová and paintings with Arabic themes by Milan Konvalina, who has five years of experience living in Libya, will be displayed.

The Society of Friends of Africa started the exhibition Discover the Arab World in the BRNO Travelers Club on March 7, 2022. The paintings and photographs of the artists will be exhibited until April 30, 2022.