Workshop: Attitudes of the Czech public towards the EU. How to communicate European topics?

workshop invitation

For 20 years, the Czech Republic has been part of the European Union, tackling European issues such as climate change, migration, environmental protection, EU cohesion, and shaping policies. The activities of non-profit organizations naturally touch on these topics to varying extents. NGOs can also contribute to a better understanding of European issues by the Czech society. This workshop will offer data and strategies that can aid non-profit organizations not only in this effort but also in their daily operations and public communication.

The workshop will introduce a new analysis by STEM on the Czech public's perception of the European Union and recommendations on how to communicate European topics. Following the STEM experts' presentation, there will be an open discussion and group work, where participants will have the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in practice and share their experiences with each other.

STEM experts from the Institute of Empirical Studies will present their analyses and communication recommendations, resulting among other things from the long-term project Czech Interests in the EU. After the initial presentation and interpretation of the research, there will be a broad discussion. In the second part of the workshop, participants will have the chance to discuss and work on specific and practical communication situations they face in their work with regards to European topics.

Representatives of non-profit organizations or their networks are warmly welcomed- essentially, it is open to everyone active in the non-profit sector, given the wide range of European implications in areas such as societal, human rights, environmental, social, etc.