The empowerment of Romanian Female Expertise in the 21st century

Empowering Women Initiative

Anna Lindh Romania and the Black Sea University Foundation, in collaboration with the Commission on Human Rights, Equal Opportunities, Religions and Minorities of the Romanian Senate, organized a book launch and a debate about women's in society.

The volume The 21st century under the magnifying glass of the experts is an editorial project written only by women, experts in diplomacy, foreign policy, strategic communication, security, law and economics. The purpose of this project is to promote female expertise in Romania and transform adversity and aggressive conversations, making them more relaxed and polite.

The event was attended by Her Excellency Therese Hydén, the ambassador of Sweden in Romania, Mr. Christian Plate, Deputy Head of Mission, German Embassy, Mrs. Mihaela Manoli, Deputy Head of Mission, Republic of Moldova Embassy, Alina Inayeh, Senior Fellow at German Marshall Fund , Anca Dragu, former president of the Romanian Senate and current Governor of the Republic of Moldova National Bank, professor univ. Dan Dungaciu, FUMN President, and Mr. Dumitru Prunaru, the only Romanian cosmonaut. The event was moderated by the coordinator of the volume, the Executive Director Anna Lindh Foundation Romania, Dr. Ioana Constantin-Bercean. The event was attended by members of Romanian civil society, diplomats, politicians, members of the academic community and many other friends of our project.