Exhibition "The Square of Men Without Honor" - H.A.N.A


On March 8th, the member of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Albania, "Hand in Hand Against Nation Apathy (H.A.N.A) was in the center of Lezha with an exhibition on the situation of Albanian women and girls, lost, violated and oppressed. This exhibition is a tribute to these women and girls and an opportunity to share with the public, curious about our installation in "Besëlidhja" square, about the position of disadvantage from the beginning of the life of girls Albania.

In those 2 hours, we tried to bring upfront the importance of revisiting gender role perceptions. We are no longer caring about the common people and so they have found refuge in the "wings" of indifference or as easy prey for the Albanian vanities of the evening screens. This is why this exhibition is of relevance.

We exposed the hate speech that flows freely on social networks from the perpetrators hiding at large; we exposed the patronizing that is done to girls and women who dare to step outside the expectations of the chauvinist society; we exposed the numbers of murders and tortures against our sisters all over Albania and we tried to educate the visitors with the main terms of the battle for freedom and justice for girls and women.

Our installation exhibition has returned to the base, in our center, to welcome some of the visitors at the square, to sit cross-legged with us in a hearty and necessary conversation.

The center's continuous efforts in dealing with gender issues enjoy the support of @EEDemocracy, while for the exhibition activity in particular, H.A.N.A thanks @ Anna Lindh Foundation - ALF - Albanian Network for the support.