Exhibition "TEAR - Artistic Territories"


After being exhibited at the Ave Basin Textile Industry Museum, the 2nd Edition of TEAR - Territórios Artísticos was divided into 8 parts. From February to June 2024, it is touring schools and school groups in Vila Nova de Famalicão, enabling them to better understand the project. This exhibition holds significance for Vila Nova de Famalicão due to its historical characteristics, uniqueness, and scope, not only as a physical territory but also as a cultural and industrial area.

As a UNESCO Club, A Casa ao Lado, in conjunction with the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão through the Educational and Cultural Program "From Famalicão to the World" and the UNESCO National Commission, presents the 2nd edition of the Community Public Art Festival in Vila Nova de Famalicão - TEAR - Territórios Artísticos. The TEAR Festival intertwines the artistic aspect of the Textile/Sustainability Project with UNESCO's strategic issues, such as promoting a culture of peace and intercultural dialogue, as its main theme.

In a society that is constantly changing, where the development and application of new technologies drive evolution, creativity becomes a fundamental "tool" for the contemporary individual. The aim of the 2nd edition of TEAR is to promote cultural experiences and strengthen social, territorial, and international cohesion, with a focus on the Textile Industry based on Man/Machine.

This event was organized by A Casa ao Lado, an organization that is a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation's Portuguese Network. Founded in 2005 in Vila Nova de Famalicão, this Artistic Center has a mission to promote social and cultural dynamism with and for the community through artistic education, social inclusion through art, and urban interventions.

All their projects are based on the graphics, stories, legends, and/or personalities of the places to be intervened, aiming to create a mark of identity and social and territorial cohesion. The interventions, designed and carried out together with the community, foster a sense of belonging among the participants, who are involved in the entire work process.

Since 2018, as a UNESCO Club for Artistic Intervention and Creation, Casa ao Lado has felt a greater obligation to pass on knowledge of the historical evolution of graphics over time to the community. Therefore, in 2019, the Centro Interpretativo do Grafismo - LABIRINTO DAS ARTES was created to provide a deeper understanding of the contemporary work carried out on the murals.

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