The film "Indigo Crystal" by Luka Mihailović is the winner of the 12th Tuzla Film Festival

12th. Tuzla Film Festival

12th. Tuzla Film Festival

The 12th Tuzla Film Festival and the 25th International Documentary Film Festival ended with the jury members sitting and making decisions for the best film in the categories: feature, short, documentary, animated and future generation short films.


The jury for the feature and short film, which consisted of: Dejan Dabić, Mirza Ćatibušić, Maja Lasić and Mirvad Kurić, made the decision to award "Indigo Kristal" directed by Luka Mihailović to „Tuzla Film Festival Fairy“ for the best film.

According to the jury, the best short film is "The North Pole" directed by Marija Apčevska.

For the documentary and animated film, the Jury was composed of: Dragan Marinković, Jasmina Čelebić and Zoran Pavljašević, and the „TFF Fairy“ for the best documentary was awarded to the film "Marija+Toma" by Greta Rauleac, Eluned Zoe Aiano and Alesandra Tatić.

As part of the 25th International Documentary Film Festival, the Miner statue was awarded to the film: "Dosje Labudović-Nesvrstani" by Mile Turajlić.

The best animated film is "Y" by Mate Kovač. Blank Paper depicts the struggle between artistic composition and decomposition as the narrator-protagonist's voice recalls her tumultuous relationship with an ex-girlfriend.

In the Future generation short films category, the Jury was: Marijan Vujović, Damir Mahmutović and Igor Toholj, and made the decision that „TFF 12.Fairy“ belongs to the film "Let it be quiet" by Sara Horvatić from Croatia.

Also as part of the 5th Kids Tuzla Film Festival, the children's film Cvrčak i mravica, directed by Luka Rukavina and Dino Krpan (co-director), was shown. It is the first Croatian 3D animated film inspired by the famous Aesop's fable and Jean de La Fontaine's fairy tale, The Cricket and the Ant.

In addition to film content, workshops with film professionals were organized as part of the "Tuzla City of Film Culture" project, which can be viewed on the Tuzla Film Festival Facebook page:

Films that were not shown at the Tuzla National Theatre, about 400 of them, will be available for viewing for free in the next month on the platform

The festival is organized by Magic Factory in cooperation with the organizations Eventus and Human, and was supported by the Federal Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth. Foundation for Cinematography Sarajevo, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth TK, City of Tuzla, Tourist Board of City of Tuzla, JKP Vodovod Tuzla, Central Heating Tuzla, National Theater, Radio Kameleon and BIT Center.

Photos can also be downloaded from the Tuzla Film Festival Facebook page: