International development cooperation to combat ageism!

Photo from a meeting inside office

The Institute Circle, a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Slovenia, started a mentoring program in Plav and Gusinje in Montenegro in February, to raise awareness about Dementia.

This international development cooperation is in partnership between the Institute Circle in Slovenia and local partners in Montenegro, Izviđačka četa Prokletije - Plaare and Udruzenje Impuls

The Institute Circle and Udruzenje Impuls carry out this mentoring program within the framework of the project "Protection of the right to dignified ageing and dementia prevention", funded by the European Union and the Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve RS / Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We believe in the power of international development cooperation in combating all forms of discrimination, including ageism; we look forward to having insights on further development within this promising program!