An international internship about multimedia in Koper, Slovenia

Young People and Photography activities indoor

PiNA and the Koper Youth Center are hosting five young people who live in different EU countries in the city of Koper for an internship on multimedia as part of the European Solidarity Corps program.

International volunteering programs aim to offer young people the opportunity to acquire competencies, relevant knowledge and skills that can support them in their life and career path.

It was with this purpose in mind that PiNA organized training with the photographer and trainer Aleš Rosa, where, in addition to theory, the volunteers gained new knowledge in the field of event photography, camera use, and what is the key to good photography.

The volunteers had the opportunity several times a week to try their skills at photographing events, named "Matching Moments and Memories" organized by PiNA and Koper Youth Center, thereby testing themselves in the role of photographers. And they enjoy it a lot.📸

The workshop was very interesting and educational at the same time. Thanks also to Aleš Rosa a trainer who passed on important and useful knowledge and taught the participants how to use the camera conveniently.

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