Local Democracy Agency Mostar takes on the global stage!

LDA Mostar

Local Democracy Agency Mostar takes on the global stage!

Our 6 dedicated representatives played a pivotal role in the recent Climate Migration Training and Beyond the Tales project in Maribor and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

From November 6–10, our team actively engaged in discussions with participants from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, and Spain, broadening our perspectives on climate migration. Maribor, with its rich history and charm, hosted the training sessions, setting the scene for an enriching experience.

As a testament to our commitment, we collaborated on the creation of a compelling book shedding light on the stories of climate migrants worldwide. Explore their journeys and challenges in our booklet: http://beyondthetales.org/.../11/Where-once-was-home-WEB.pdf

This journey wouldn't have been possible without the incredible opportunity provided by Local Democracy Agency Mostar & Humanitas - Centre for Global Learning and Cooperation. We express our gratitude for this chance to contribute to the dialogue on climate migration.

We look forward to applying the knowledge gained in our community and continuing our work on this crucial subject. Together, let's address the unique challenges posed by climate change. #ClimateMigration #BeyondTales #GlobalLearningConference #LDAMostar