The Nordic Forum on Youth, Peace and Security

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The UN Youth of Finland, LSU - The National Council of Swedish Children and Youth Organisations and The UN Students of Norway have come together in effort to bring together young Nordic peacemakers!

The first Nordic Forum on Youth, Peace and Security will be organized in Helsinki, Finland 22nd to 24th September 2023. 

This initiative is kindly funded by the Norden 0-30 programme of the Nordic Culture Point. 

The purpose of the collaboration is to strengthen the capabilities of Nordic young peacebuilders, and support their work in national contexts, including the advocacy and implementation of 2250 National Action Plans. The purpose is to come together, determine the common issues and agendas, and form a sustainable network of Nordic 2250 actors. 

The overarching aim is forming a Nordic Coalition on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS), a formalized structure of cooperation between national coalitions and networks on YPS. The coalition will support Nordic youth in their YPS work, including National Action Plan processes and implementation of the three UN security council resolutions through effective flow of information and peer-to-peer learning. In other regions of the world, regional coalitions and networks already exist. This is something that has been missing in the Nordic region and where we want to plant the seeds for long-term, sustainable joint cooperation in our region. The network will work towards strengthening Nordic action for youth, peace, and security, and will be a platform for future collaboration.


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