Pera Terra rocked with 13-song Mediterranean Tour on Mediterranean Day!


Although Monday is a difficult day for concerts, the band Pera Terra "compensated" its audience at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Preveza with the "Mediterranean Tour in 13 songs" presented as part of the Anna Lindh Foundation's Mediterranean Day events. Artifactory’s proposal was one of 36 musical performances from 25 Euro-Mediterranean countries presented simultaneously in collaboration with local government bodies in these countries.

Inspired by the rationale of the celebration "Celebrating the diversity and richness of the Mediterranean while strengthening the ties between its two shores" the band Pera Terra "wandered" through a repertoire like a menu of 13 songs. You may enjoy the concert here

They performed songs played and sung in Greece and Turkey highlighting the ties that bind the peoples of the two countries, "Androniki" a narrative song where the lyrics describe a real incident of femicide in Cyprus, an Italian tarantella, Greek songs referring to Morocco and Algeria. "And the boat turned alone" an old song about a man who drowned took us to today's tragedies of refugees drowning in the Aegean. An amanes, a love song from the Ottoman era. "Misirlou" a folk song from the Eastern Mediterranean region, heard in Egypt, Turkey and Greece but also famous in the western version and others.

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