Photo reportage on the impact of rising temperatures in The Mediterranean sea


Which impact do rising sea temperatures have on coastal communities across the Mediterranean?

Revolve magazine travelled to different countries to document the effects in a reportage. The Mediterranean is the fastest warming sea in the world. Its temperatures are going up 20% faster than the global average. This especially impacts the biodiversity of marine life and the communities along the coasts whose economy relies on fishing. Red coral is bleaching rapidly. Artisanal fishermen are struggling to keep up and have to get into deeper waters to catch fish.

In Tunisia, the blue crab, an invasive species from the Red Sea, gets stuck in the nets which break and become useless. In Cyprus, the invasive puffer fish is taking over the waters. The locals however try to adapt to the situation and come up with strategies that show their resilience. They set up special designed traps and integrate the blue crab meat in their gastronomy. Let the pictures tell the stories of these small Mediterranean communities.

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