Seminar in Mafraq on Youth Needs


On January the 7th 2024, Qudrat Association for Social Development in Mafraq Governorate, ALF member and part of the steering committee in Jordan, organized a seminar, bringing together government institutions and elected councils to discuss the needs of youth, the challenges they face, and ways to find solutions.

The executive president of the association stated that the seminar aims to find solutions to the needs of youth and the challenges they face through a meaningful collective dialogue involving the leaders of these institutions. This dialogue works towards bridging the gap between officials, decision-makers, and youth. He pointed out that these institutions include vocational training, work, education, trade and industry chambers, social development, and provincial councils.

During the seminar, Qudrat team discussed policy papers covering various sectors such as health, education, economy, development, and community participation. These papers were developed by a group of young individuals within the age group of 18-30. They received training on writing policy papers for youth, peaceful negotiation techniques, collaborative work mechanisms, and how to propose more solutions to address challenges faced by members of local communities. The training aimed to empower and build the capacities of youth in the governorate, activating their social roles, and influencing decision-makers and community leaders.