"Vitez 2023" theater days

Three great plays marked the "Children's Weekend" at the theater days in Vitez

Three great plays marked the "Children's Weekend" at the theater days in Vitez


The jubilee, 15th days of the "Vitez 2023" theater, in its eighth week, offered the audience a "Children's weekend" in which three great plays for children were presented.

The children, as well as their parents, were first delighted by the play "Ivica and Marica in the Enchanted Forest" in Vitez by the Sinj Folk Theater from Sinj.

It is a real theatrical magic for the youngest, which their parents and grandparents also enjoyed. The large audience in the Vitez Theater was joined by young basketball players from OKK "Vitez", who arrived at the show in an organized manner.

After the play, the young actors from Sinj were rewarded with a long applause, and many children wanted to take a photo with Ivica and Marica and the rest of the theater group, which the guests were happy to oblige.

The play was directed by Željko Viculin, based on the text by Sava Škobić. The roles are played by Rebeka Čović, Toni Batovanja, Marta Malbaša, Luka Vidić, Iris Bošković, Leonarda Masla and Aneta Vrca. The director's assistant is Petar Goret, and Marija Mandac was in charge of the costumes.

The play "The Way Around the World" by the Vitez City Youth Theater amused, made the children laugh and delighted their parents as well. The fluttering performance, a handful of songs and the great energy of the knightly actors garnered many sympathies and, on several occasions, strong applause.

"A journey around the world", a theatrical play created under the "hot hammer" of Vitez theater actors, takes us to a world where only a child's imagination can reach and where everything is possible - even traveling the entire planet on a small green mobile. Many songs, dances and games have one purpose - to create four best friends and make their friendship an unforgettable life adventure. Bruno Grebenar, Nikola Matković, Marko Mirković and Ana Gabrić play on stage. The play was directed by Marko Mirković, who also wrote the adaptation of Todet Nikoletić's text. The technical support is Svjetlana Križanović, and the executive producer of the play is Ivan Sajević.

The children's weekend at the theater days in Vitez concluded with the play "Sleeping Beauty and the Brave Prince", by GKM Vitez. A large audience in the full Theater Hall in Vitez enjoyed the play and energy of the young actors, and the performance was followed by a long round of applause and, by now, the inevitable taking pictures of the youngest with the actors on stage.

The play features: Ana Radoš, Glorija Radoš, Ena Bonić, Klara Visković, Erika Vujević, Arijana Šantić, Pavla Plavčić, Lana Čalić, Mila Čalić, Emin Šahdan, Ena Čalić, Sofija Ćosić, Marija Martinović. The play is based on the text of Sava Škobić, the adaptation of the text, as well as the direction, is signed by Anja Stipinović. The assistant directors are Emin Šahdan and Glorija Radoš, and the executive producer of the play is Ivan Sajević.

This year's theater days will be concluded next weekend when the audience will have the opportunity to watch two professional productions. The play "Balkan Square with Chalk" produced by the Alt Theater from Sarajevo will be performed on Friday, October 20, while the Croatian National Theater in Mostar will conclude its theater days with the play "Women's Conversations" on Sunday, October 22. Both performances are scheduled at 8:00 p.m.

The general sponsor of the 15th Theater Day "Vitez 2023" is the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth, Culture and Sports of the Canton of Central Bosnia and Minister Bojan Domić, and the partner of the festival is ALF BiH.