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Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures

Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures


The "Wartime Love" project was conceived as a project that, through culture and various artistic expressions, shows wartime Sarajevo through the love and freedom of couples who immortalized their love during the war in the period from 1992 to 1995.

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In Sarajevo, concerts, exhibitions, plays and films were spiritual food that diverted citizens' thoughts from everyday horrors and created a positive environment in which they met, socialized and fell in love.

Thousands of people in the period from 1992. to 1995. put their hands on their hearts and recited the love hymn "yes", daring to go into the unknown and face the coming storms together, expecting a rainbow after the rain.

And after so many years, we fondly remember those beautiful moments that changed our emotions during the war, when we found happiness in misfortune, shared fear and uncertainty, a litre of water, a cigar, a warm brick under the quilt, lentils, beans, macaroni, canned food, " lunch" packages and tabasco. We shared love.

Courageous marriages in Sarajevo were the inspiration for many texts, sung songs, written books, untold stories that we will experience again at your exhibition. This is an opportunity for your love and brave story to be told and turned into an exhibition, marked by the music of that era. We believe that each story is different and special, and will enrich the collection of stories that celebrate the power of love.

Your stories*, as well as scanned photos from the 1992 – 1995. Period.

You can send via email to the address:

until February 15. 2023, in order to participate in the magnificent exhibition and event in May 2024! We are delighted to have the opportunity to hear your story!

We use this opportunity to thank the representative in the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, Prof. dr. Sanela Klarić for the initiative and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Sarajevo Canton for their support. Association "Sarajevo meeting of cultures" is looking forward to the implementation of this project and is looking forward to your stories and photos.

*The accompanying text with the photo that you submit to us should not be longer than 700 characters.

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