This weekend, three great plays on theater days in Vitez

City youth theater Vitez

This weekend, three great plays on theater days in Vitez

After last weekend the audience was delighted by the performances "Taximeter" by GKM Vitez and HAK Travnik and "Palace of Laughter" by DIS Theater from Banja Luka, the theater days in Vitez continue this weekend with three new performances. All performances are played in the Vitez Theater Hall, starting at 8:00 p.m.

The actors of the Children's Theater "Eko art" from Bugojno will be the first to take to the stage of the Vitez Theater Hall, who will play "The Bards" on Friday, September 29. The play features Ines Fuka, Selma Huskić, Ajna Krvavac, Muris Bušatlić, Amila Hamzić and Azra Dželilhodžić.

About the play "Bardov'ce": He is certainly the biggest, the best, the most performed... He is the Bard.

And they are… hmm, dissatisfied? A bit grumpy and very determined. And what if… if some characters, written a long time ago, could jump the barriers of time and tell their creator what they really think? Offer him your ideas? Explain what mistakes he makes? Three wonderful, capable women are on a mission. They haven't been written yet, but they know exactly what's coming next and are determined to change the course. They are spokespeople, in their own name and for everyone who has already been written and those who are not yet. If necessary, with the help of... magic. That, He has already given it to them! And He's… hmm, He's a man.

On Saturday, September 30, the audience will have the opportunity to watch the play "Love at First Sight" by the Slavonski Brod Youth Satirical Theater. Mr. Kosta Bandula responds to the ad for the new husband of Mrs. Marija Trkulje-Gazivoda. They both try to present themselves in the best light, but the life stories they confide in actually reveal their characters and destinies. All of this imbued with light melancholy, the reality of life and a touch of humor. The text is "Love at first sight" by Fadil Hadžić. Director Silvio Stilinović and assistant director Saša Karić staged the play for the first time on the stage in Slavonski Brod. In addition to Silinović, who is the main actor in the play along with the director, Tanja Medić Savić and Luka Kovač act.

The sixth weekend of this year's theater days will conclude the "Fedra" Theater from Bugojno with the play "Life Before Her". Through twenty mutually unrelated but intertwined scenes, the play talks about girls, women and women with an emphasis on the relationship of the environment and society towards them... The play stars Ajla Beganović, Ermina Music, Semir Beganović and Zina Šahović Kulašin. The adaptation and direction is by Amel Ugarak, and the text was based on the motifs of the texts by Maja Pelević "orange peel" and others. and Mira Gavran's "All About Women".

The general sponsor of the 15th Theater Day "Vitez 2023" is the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth, Culture and Sports of the Canton of Central Bosnia and Minister Bojan Domić, and the partner of the festival is ALF BiH.