The “Young Mediterranean Voices programme” concludes the National Debate Forum 2020

Young Mediterranean Voices Programme Closing

                                                                         Discussed the "CEDAW" agreement in its final sessions

                                                                 The “Young Mediterranean Voices programme” concludes the

                                                                                            National Debate Forum 2020


Over a period of six days, the "Young Mediterranean Voices" programme concluded its National Debate Forum 2020 with the participation of 100 debaters from different governorates. This is a regional project jointly organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the British Council, and co-funded by the European Union.

The programme aims to develop the skills and seeks opportunities in holding youth-led debates that contribute to enriching constructive and democratic dialogue, transferring the debate from the state of hypothetical speeches and recommendations to practical application on the ground. It also seeks to invite decision-makers to hear the participants’ opinions on such issues, their proposed solutions and to what extent these recommendations can be implemented in an effective manner in reality.


Forum Rounds

A total of 500 youth from different governorates joined trainings and workshops, where they participated in a number of serial training workshops, followed by several field visits. A group of 100 participants later qualified for the six final rounds that took place over a number of sessions held between 19.11.2020 and 28.11.2020.


Delivering the voice of youth to decision-makers

Mr. Osama Abu Arafeh, the YMV Project Manager in Palestine, believes that in addition to the experiences acquired by the participants, it is very essential to communicate the outcomes and decisions of the programme to decision-makers.

"Due to Covid 19 pandemic, the training and workshops have been limited to virtual communication sessions via ZOOM.


The involvement of the civil society institutions in the final session

The final debate focused on the saying, “This House Believes That the implementation of CEDAW is the most effective solution to protect the rights of Palestinian women”.

Partner institutions as well engaged in the session including: The Youth Development Resource Center – Hebron, Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society - Jerusalem, The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit –Birzeit University, the Society for Community Development and Continuous Education at Palestine Al-Ahliyya University, Al-Awdeh Center - Tulkarm, Khatwa Community Development Association - Jenin and Nablus Municipality Cultural Center - Hamdi Manko.