"Youth Camp on Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding'' in Jordan


From October 6th to October 8th, a dynamic three-day youth camp was held in Jordan, addressing the vital theme of "Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding." This enlightening event was jointly organized by URI MENA and Desert Bloom, members of the ALF Jordanian Network. It brought together enthusiastic young individuals from diverse countries in the MENA region, who convened in Amman to engage in meaningful dialogues and discussions centered around the crucial topics of peace and conflict resolution.

The camp's agenda spanned a wide spectrum of subjects, encompassing aspects of identity, diversity, peacebuilding, and much more. To make the learning experience interactive and engaging, the camp utilized games and group exercises that allowed participants to internalize their newfound knowledge.

To foster an environment of trust and open communication, participants initially participated in various team-building exercises and ice-breaking games, facilitating the development of connections among attendees. The camp then employed the "world café" method to establish a common understanding of key concepts relevant to conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Participants, in rotating small groups, brainstormed and deliberated on the meanings of essential terms, such as White Supremacy, Populism, Xenophobia, Violent Radicalization, Socioeconomic Inclusion, Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding, Community Resilience, Reconciliation, Moral Imagination, and Restorative Justice.

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