Estonian ALF Network

The Anna Lindh Fondation Network in Estonia consists of 16 members.

NGO Mondo is the Head of Network.

NGO Mondo

Telliskivi 60 a/5
10412 Tallinn Estonia

+372 6775445
Historical Background of your Network

The Estonian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation was established in 2006 by Prof. Dr. Thomas Richard Kämmerer from the University of Tartu, since then the Estonian network has been active and coordinated by other civil societies: Ethical Links, and the Estonian school of diplomacy and after not having a national coordinator between 2018-2019 in 2020 the Estonian ministry of foreign affairs gave NGO Mondo the mandate to become the Estonian National Network coordinator.


The previous Heads of the Anna Lindh National Network in Estonia, were:

-The Estonian School of Diplomacy (ESD), which was elected by members in 2016.

- Ethical links, which was elected from 2012 until 2016.

Intercultural Dialogue in your country

Intercultural dialogue is when members of different cultural groups, who hold opinions that can be conflicting or similar in addition to assumptions about different cultures, speak to one another in acknowledgment of each other. In addition the dialogue can be enhanced through mutual activities and interactions.


  1. The challenges faced in Estonia with intercultural dialogue:
    1. The historical isolation of the country due to the Soviet Union has kept the country rather reserved towards foreigners, but it must be mentioned that there have been drastic changes due to technological developments and Estonia’s advances in this field.
    2. The rise of far-right movements in the country have given voice to more conservative and nationalistic movements.
    3. COVID has made intercultural activities more difficult.