Established in 1978, Triskel Arts Centre is one of the oldest multi-disciplinary arts centres in Ireland. It is based in Cork city, which is Ireland’s second largest city with a combined population with the greater Cork area of 360,000 people. The arts play a very prominent role in the culture of Cork city life. Cork hosts an International Film Festival, an International Folk Festival, an International Short Story Conference, an International Choral Festival, an International Jazz Festival, a World Book Festival, a French Film Festival, and a Midsummer Festival.

Triskel has involvement with most of these events either by hosting them or programming in partnership with them. In recognition of Cork’s cultural significance, Cork was awarded European Capital of Culture in 2005. Triskel’s mission is to promote and present quality professional and multi-disciplinary arts. It works in partnership with organizations in the education, youth and arts fields both nationally and internationally and receives most of its funding from the Arts Council of Ireland.

Triskel Arts Centre - Head of Network

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