CCIF is dedicated to enhancing cross-cultural communication within each community, and across communities and nations. Tolerance and mutual understanding are central themes. While not a partisan or political institution, the foundation is to support the basic values and goals of the European Union that endeavour to offer equal opportunities to all people irrespective of colour, creed, social orientation and religious or cultural background.
The foundation intends to build cultural harmony, understanding and well-being through cultural and artistic expressions as a means of promoting solidarity and social cohesion.
• Humanitarian aid;
• Spearheading interventions tailored to enhance cross cultural communication and exchange programs in all sectors of the communities we live in;
• Providing training on cultural issues, that is developing intercultural awareness, improving intercultural interactions and fostering cultural partnerships with other Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in the same field;
• Encouraging self-sustainability and self-reliability amongst people of diverse cultures living in Malta and other selected countries through empowerment programs and utilizing the services and expertise of third country nationals who are resident in Malta and blending them with Maltese nationals for the purpose of integration and information and knowledge interchange;

We are working on exchanging information,Collaboration Learning from other oraganisations' experience. We believe in using available networks rather forming new groupings. We believe if we are to be more effective we have to be part of a growing team of responsive Organisations whose sole agenda is to make this earth a better place and make a difference in the lives of the needy and make our environment safe and preserve the natural resources.

Cross Culture International Foundation CCIF

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Historical Background of your Network

The Geminarie Group, which was elected Head of Network by members of the national network in June 2013, is a Non-profit, Non-Governmental Voluntary Organization, founded in July 1996. The organization started its activities in July 1996 and since then, it always aimed to promote understanding and appreciation of the global community through exposure to social, political, historical, artistic, and cultural backgrounds.

The Geminarie Group is legally bound by a statute, which sets up a Committee of People who deliberate, plan, reflect and evaluate on the core values, mission statement of the organisation, which sets the framework for the policy-making and service provision for the service-users. Administrative ventures are run by the committee itself.  For a recent period of time, Geminarie took up a phase of inter-professional reflective analysis of the organisational structure both on a policy level, as well as the human resources aspect.