Anna Lindh Network Netherlands


The mission of the Anna Lindh Network in the Netherlands is to support and connect people that live and/or work in the Netherlands and are professionally involved in engaging in intercultural dialogue and promoting mutual understanding between communities in the Euro-Mediterranean region.


The vision of the Anna Lindh Network in the Netherlands is that the professional community of people working on intercultural dialogues in the Euro-Mediterranean region are not only aware of each other’s organisations and initiatives, but actively work together and share and make use of each other resources and experiences.

Head of Network

Each National Network is coordinated by focal point institutions named Heads of Network that works for: ensuring coordination, consultation and mobilisation inside the National Network; facilitating the development and implementation of Network Activities with member organisations or across Networks; involving the members in the Foundation’s programmes and projects; and strengthening the cooperation between the Heads of Network and the ALF Headquarters. The Head of Network of the Anna Lindh in the Netherlands is Het Grote Midden Oosten Platform.


In order to implement its mission, the Anna Lindh Network in the Netherlands organises several activities. These include:

  • Capacity Building Events: Active workshops in small groups based on needs identified by members
  • Network Activities: Annual activities organised for and with the members.
  • Network Meetings: Meetings to consult and inform members to agree on future plans.
  • Social Events: Informal get togethers, such as a New Year’s Reception.
Het Grote Midden Oosten Platform

Entrepotdok 131
1018 AD Amsterdam