The joint coordination of the Polish network is implemented through the International Cultural Centre and the International Cultural Center Foundation. This Foundation was appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and regularly approved by members.

Anna Lindh Foundation's network in Poland participated in the leadership and partnership in various intercultural dialogue programmes. The network is coordinated in line with the International Cultural Centre and the Foundation of the International Cultural Centre in Krakow.

The Polish Network played a leading role in 2008 during the campaign "1001 Action for Dialogue" affiliated to the  Anna Lindh Foundation. The Network launched a series of new events including "Poland for Dialogue", which triggered public debate in Krakow on the influence of foreign cultures and ethnic minorities over the past years, in addition to an intergenerational initiative in the Orla region, where the senior citizens of society were interviewed on their memories of the pre-World War reality, characterized by coexistence between different communities. The Network also issued a special publication on the campaign in Poland, including the events, discussions and expert interviews on cross-cultural relations.

In the following year, 2009, the campaign named "In the search for the lost Commonwealth: mono-cultural or multicultural Poland?", was launched by the Network, supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation, focusing on a series of seminars and a new publication presenting modern-day Poland from the perspective of "the other". During the years 2010 and 2011, the Network pursued "Education for Dialogue", through which members participated in the development of new multimedia educational materials on ethnic, religious, social and cultural diversity in Poland. In 2010, the President of the Polish Network also organized a presentation with previous winners of the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Award, i.e.  "Friends for Environmental Peace in the Middle East" and "Fighters for Peace" of the Israeli-Palestinian Social Movement. In 2011, the President of the Network participated for the first time in organizing the annual meeting of the heads of the 43 national networks in Poland.