ALF Heads of Network Meeting

HoNs meeting

On 01 February 2023, the Anna Lind Foundation concluded its Heads of Network meeting organised in collaboration with the Head of the ALF French Network. The meeting started on the 30th of January and took place in three different venues (Hôtel de Région, Les Têtes de l'Art, Hôtel de Ville) spread all over the beautiful city of Marseille, France.

Forty participants from thirty countries engaged in fruitful discussions to assess the recent work of the ALF, address challenges in its management and governance, and develop the future programming of the Foundation. The ALF Secretariat and the Heads of Network worked on strategic aspects of the network management as well as on the new programming, with a strong commitment to dynamise the National Networks and ensure impact at local and regional levels.

Furthermore, key discussions took place on the next phase of the ALF long-standing and successful programme, the Young Mediterranean Voices, and the organisation of the next Mediterranean Forum, in a spirit of close cooperation with Heads of Network and the involvement of the grassroot ALF members. The Head of Network also had an opportunity to meet representatives from civil society organisations and the art sector based in the city over a dinner.

The meeting was attended by several institutional representatives, including the Région de Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, the Mairie de Marseille, and the Délégué Interministériel Adjoint à la Méditerranée, and concrete propositions for future action and cooperation were discussed.

This HoN meeting is a milestone in our new roadmap towards more participatory practices and fruitful exchange. The meeting ended with a strong commitment to increase cooperation on key principles to action such as youth inclusion, equality, climate change, and sustainable development.

Watch the throwback video here