The Anna Lindh Foundation Egyptian Intercultural Programme - May activities

EICP May 23 .png

Within the ALF Egyptian Intercultural Programme which aims to support local cultural initiatives and events as well as foster synergies with institutions, mobilising the civil society, and networking on a local level, the ALF Secretariat organised several event at its premises in Alexandria during the month of May 2023.

On 9 May, "The Road Map: Dialogue on the Human Fraternity Document", organised by the مؤسسة شباب المتوسط - Mediterranean Youth Foundation, took place at the headquarters of the Anna Lindh Foundation with the participation of 20 young leaders from civil society organisations, academics, and researchers specialising in peace, cultural, and religious plurality, as well as certain religious leaders, for a discussion on the declaration of Human Fraternity and its future implementation.

On 11 May, the Anna Lindh Foundation hosted the "Green Urbanism" workshop on the occasion of launching the Climate Walk project organised by the Austrian Cultural Forum Cairo, the Austrian Embassy, and Banlastic Egypt. Facilitated by Rafael Weluschnig from GRÜNSTATTGRAU, the workshop focused on empowering young climate activists from Alexandria and other coastal cities to better understand the concept of preserving greenery in big cities like Alexandria along with sharing the successful experience in Vienna, Austria, and how it can be implemented in Alexandria.

If your organisation is interested in organising its activities/initiatives at the Anna Lindh Foundation Secretariat in Alexandria (von Gerber house), please contact us at