High-Level meetings of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Spain

High Level Meetings ALF Spain

On 12 July, the Anna Lindh Foundation witnessed a fruitful day in Madrid, Spain, featuring various highlights and milestones.

In this context, the ALF is proud to announce the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Director of Spain’s Agency for International Cooperation, Anton Leis Garcia. The MoU aims at allocating funds for a large project to Challenge Inequalities in the Euro-Mediterranean region through civil societies. The project will be implemented by the Anna Lindh Foundation.

Moreover, we are excited to announce the launch of our latest programme, Mediterranean Youth in Action (MYA), at the High-Level Meeting on Skills in the Mediterranean in Madrid. Innovatively, MYA takes a bottom-up approach, tailoring skills acquisition and capacity-building to youth specific needs. They actively participate in concrete projects, receiving training and regular support in different fields, MYA revolutionises youth empowerment.

The Foundation is deeply inspired by Spain’s strong commitment and solid engagement toward the Euro-Mediterranean region in the framework of its Presidency to the EU demonstrated through its support for the Anna Lindh Foundation’s work with civil societies across the region.