MED FORUM 2016 has been built on a unique participatory process involving an inter-institutional steering group, cross-cultural experts and strategic partners, and representatives of the Anna Lindh Foundation’s Network of 42 National Civil Society Networks.

Through this process, the MED FORUM strategic priorities have been shapred with the overarching aim of defining an intercultural action agenda for the new Mediterranean. The concept underpinning all the priorities is shifting the focus of the Euro-Med dialogue project to citizens, and embedding intercultural skills and  opportunities through a new generation of dialogue leaders. The strategic priorities will also be the basis for transforming the renewed regional policy impetus for cross-cultural dialogue into a programme of action, from the new EU Neighbourhood Policy and Strategy for International Cultural Relations to global frameworks such as UN Resolution 2025, the very first resolution adopted on Youth, Peace and Security.

Srategic priorities:

1. #BeyondExtremism
2. #InterculturalCities
3. #RethinkingLearning
4. #ExchangePlus
5. #CreativeEnterprise
6. #MigrantsConnect
7. #YouthCan
8. #MediaDialogue
9. #WomenInAction
10. #ArtsAcrossBorders

Download the Priorities below.