Making research, good practices, learning activities and events on intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean accessible to everyone.


#ALFCitiesInDialogue - Active Citizenship in Interreligious Diverse Countries

Face-to-Face and online
Developmental Activity Association (Lebanon)

This project was organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation National Network member Developmental Activity Association (Lebanon) in the framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Cities Programme.

A workshop was held during 4 days face-to-face with participants from different regions and religions who performed various activities with the help of trainers and facilitators focusing on the aim of the project.

The main aim is to train participants, refugees and natives from different religions, cultures and regions about:

  • the role of active citizenship in multireligious countries
  • the role of positive and active dialogue in hence of social cohesion especially in interreligious countries
  • common values and its role in active and global citizenship
  • conflict resolution
  • encountering violent extremism

The main objective is to celebrate the diversity of cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean region and highlight the common features and values they share as well as to support cultural literacy, increase awareness of diverse cultures and intercultural competencies and behaviour.

A video in Arabic with English subtitles will be produced during all days of the project.

Language of the sessions: Mainly Arabic (English for reports and video subtitles)