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#ALFCitiesInDialogue - Intercultural cities: Luxembourg

Luxembourg School of Contemporary Etiquette (Luxembourg)

This project was organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation National Network member Luxembourg School of Contemporary Etiquette (Luxembourg) in the framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Cities Programme.

Luxembourg is a City promoting diversity, inclusiveness, social cohesion, and sustainable development. The objective of the project is to give visibility to cultural diversity. Celebrating the diversity of cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean region, the common features and values we share will be highlighted, combating stereotyping, and prejudices. There will be 20 blitz interviews produced with people of different nationalities, genders, ages in the streets of Luxembourg asking them questions to discover their cultural background, their values and level of satisfaction living in Luxembourg, connections and relationships with the countries and cultures of their origin.

The film will be later shown during the online panel discussion to a circle of young people living in Luxembourg to discuss stereotypes about integration and inclusion to answer the question: Is it possible to integrate here without distancing yourself from your roots and native culture?

Language of the sessions: English