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#ALFCitiesInDialogue - Intercultural Dialogue in the City of Athens

"Identity and Interculturality: from Me to We"
Face-to-face and online
Fotoessa, Athens, Greece

This project "Identity and Interculturality: from Me to We", organised in the framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Cities programme, answers to the great need for raising awareness in Greece about ICE & Intercultural Dialogue, notions commonly unknown or, worse, with negative connotations. The training aims to produce a group of young trained city multipliers able to disseminate the positive narrative of Intercultural Education & Dialogue. The participants will be students from Athens’ Universities on social and human studies (20pers max). Through this training, the city aims to create a bridge between ALF national NGO’s network and academia.

The training is divided into three sessions: “Me”, “You" (the Other) and “Us”. Participants through experiential learning, self-discovery and creative interaction, will explore how the “ΜΕ”, the multicultural, unique, constantly evolving identity, reflects on “THE OTHER”s reality, to arrive at the "WE" of intercultural synergy and harmonious citizens’ coexistence. Through free self-expression, the similarities and differences, stereotypes and prejudices will be explored and necessary intercultural skills for individual and collective sustainable development will be sharpened.

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