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Eight Intercultural Morning Coffee

The Anna Lindh Foundation
Intercultural Morning Coffee illustration.png

The Anna Lindh Foundation is organizing a series of meetings called the Intercultural Morning Coffee. These bring together researchers, journalists, and civil society to discuss up-to-date issues over a cup of coffee in the morning.

The next morning coffee will be on the 13th of October from, 09:30 CET to 10:00 CET and it focuses on the challenges and opportunities to enhance EuroMed cultural cooperation within the current social and regional context.

These issues are also explored in the Anna Lindh Intercultural Trends Survey which reveals that large majorities in all countries surveyed see cultural and religious diversity as important for their societies’ prosperity (77% in Europe and 78% in SEM countries ‘strongly agree’ or ‘somewhat agree’). Furthermore, most people do not perceive diversity as a threat to societal stability (just 28% in Europe and 45% in SEM countries ‘strongly agree’ or ‘somewhat agree’ that it is a threat).

Daniela Huber, Head of the Mediterranean and Middle East Programme at the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and author of an article in the upcoming Anna Lindh Intercultural Trends Report, will share reflections on social trust as a building block for cooperation and intercultural dialogue.

These reflections include assessments on which measures could be implemented to foster social trust within and across societies? How can voices promoting dialogue and mutual understanding have an even greater impact through the public debate and the media? And, what could be major areas of converenges for closer EuroMed cultural and social cooperation? 

After the brief introduction by Daniela Huber we will open the floor to a free discussion and exchange of ideas among all participants.