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Females around the word! 

Do you live, work or study abroad? Maybe you only arrived yesterday..or haven't you been home in years? You have found your new home, family or are still looking for your place?

We are looking for stories of migrant women from all around the world! 

We narrate our life to build up realities, create our identity, and transmit culture to others, to the next generation. We share stories with our friends, we have favorite family stories we identify with.
Stories are life. We are the stories.

Stories can have various forms. You can write as it comes, or illustrate it with photos or images. You can also use your voice in sharing!

To boost your creativity and imagination, we are launching a workshop series to support you to find your voice and discover your hidden stories!

Immerse yourself in the creative process, be part of an open and supportive community, give time to yourself to disconnect and reflect!

Read more about our upcoming workshops and apply here: