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An inter-institutional event on the future perspectives for the Euro-Med cooperation

Both in presence at the Italian Senate and online on the RIDE's institutional facebook page
The Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (RIDE)
poster of the event "An inter-institutional event on the future perspective for the Euro-Med cooperation" 07/06

“An inter-institutional event on the future perspectives for the Euro-Med cooperation”
RIDE plans to organize this event related to the initiative Protect Religious Sites in cooperation with CESPI and Mediterranean Perspectives, both ALF Italian network’s members. According to the current Covid-19 regulations, the event is scheduled for June 7, 2021, in a hybrid solution, both in presence at the Italian Senate, and online.

The event will also launch the inter-institutional initiative "Ponza Prima-Med" ( third edition taking place on Ventotene Island on September 13-14, 2021) and several other activities.

Therefore, the event will be structured in different parts, including:

1. a seminar on the initiative Re-made in Gaza, focusing on the circular economy in Gaza. This represents an opportunity to discuss environmental sustainability, Green recovery post-Covid19 crisis, and international cooperation.
2. a roundtable on the annual inter-istitutional initiative "Ponza Prima-Med" to discuss new ideas for Euro-Med mobility and environmental sustainability, with a focus on educational paths and high training activities on sustainability for youth and women.
3. the national event of the Ponza Prima Med project (call for proposal -ALF/CFP/2020/ICD) . On this occasion, the national working group will present a video on the best practice in the fields of circular economy, capacity-building and community-need assessment.
4. a roundtable on the initiative "Ancient theaters for our Mediterranean future: Scaena Mediterranea" that supports the development of Italian cultural enterprises with positive effects on the employment of the various territories concerned, based on the knowledge of archaeological sites of Greek or Roman theaters and amphitheaters, that offers the chance to discuss thoroughly on Euro-Med mobility, intercultural education, and, in particular, on youth exchanges and mobility in the Euro-Med area.
5. Presentation of the Cerealia Festival's program