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Intercultural relations in the Euro-Mediterranean region: Trends from the Anna Lindh Foundation research and civil society consultation

Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona
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The main purpose of this lecture is to introduce the outcomes of the Intercultural Trends research work in the Euro-Mediterranean region carried out by the Anna Lindh Foundation since 2010. The lecture will feature the main results of the Intercultural Trends public opinion poll conducted every three years of a representative sample of EuroMed populations from 13 different countries – as a unique instrument to measure the evolving values and attitudes of people in the EuroMed. The quantitative data is complemented by qualitative analyses that help contextualize trends in mutual perceptions, cultural divides, youth and gender roles as well as the impact of media, education, culture and digital tools within the EuroMed region and the broader context of globalization and migration flows. The lecture will also outline some strategic orientations for the promotion of intercultural dialogue based on the results of the research and the regular civil society consultation carried out by the Anna Lindh Foundation.