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Preparatory Conference 2 (African Region) – UN75 “Building Together the Future UN We Want”

Commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations
Sousse, Tunisia.
We Love Sousse
Preparatory Conference

The aims of the international conference and preparatory meetings is to formulate a recommendation on the future of the UN and to discuss the role of global cooperation, promote mutual understanding and cooperation between nations through political dialogue, in particular on human rights issues. We also strive to help create a space for open and non-confrontational debate between representatives of official entities, civil society organizations and individuals around the vision of the future
of the united nations that we want.

Furthermore, the meeting is intended to develop the reflection around the future of the United Nations and to formulate the recommendations of the African continent and the Euromed region around the SDG, human rights and the digital society in the context of a globalized world, as well as to strengthen youth capacity and commitment towards achieving the United Nations SDGs and the protection of human rights in their daily activities.