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*VM* A Refugee-led Refugee Week 2021 - #6

Skill Up Session
New Women Connectors

A series of National Network Activities has been organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation Dutch Network Member New Women Connectors in the framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed.

In the framework of the Project “Re-Activate #Covid-19: Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue” a series of events has been organized under the title A Refugee-led Refugee Week 2021.

To seize the opportunity of Refugee Week, refugee leaders from around the globe will be brought together to lead the discussion and to showcase our achievements and the challenges they are facing.

Refugees are the most knowledgeable about what is needed to advance their rights, how to overcome obstacles, and how to facilitate integration. This year, unpacking the Meaningful Refugee Participation Pledge, it will be called for greater inclusion of refugees in all decision making processes having to do with all of us.

The main aim of this series of events is to highlight the importance of refugee leadership to achieve “meaningful participation.” These series of events represent landmark refugee-led gatherings that aim to accelerate and scale up existing efforts to:

  1. To create spaces by and for refugee leaders to maximize their participation, developing synergies among refugee-led networks
  2. To highlight a number of best practices in refugee-led initiatives to address existing challenges and to strengthen capacities
  3. To mobilize various stakeholders to come together and re-think refugee participation in an inclusive and systematic way.

This event will be held under the title Skill up Session and will be available in English, Arabic and Spanish.

Time: 1 PM CET

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