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Good Practice

CONVEY, Digital Education for Gender Equality

I say no to sexual violence poster

CONVEY, Digital Education for Gender Equality was a project that aimed to promote attitudes and behavioural changes through education and awareness on the negative impact of sexual violence; on the importance of healthy relations; on overcoming gender stereotypes against women and girls, and on the role of social media as a vehicle for positive change. The key message of the social media campaign “I say NO to sexual violence”, did not tolerate any middle ground encouraging taking the initiative of saying NO through your actions, words and behaviours that can lead to violence.

The main educational tool: CONVEY –Not A Game, is an investigation adventure where the player becomes a detective across 5 chapters, through mini-games, flashbacks and videos based on real testimonies of violence survivors. The tool can be applied better in conjunction with the deployment of the training workshops for students developed by the CONVEY project. All materials for training and game can be found here: and here focused mostly on the individual level in addressing beliefs and behaviours of young people aged 14-18 years old, but also the inter-relational and societal levels.