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Good Practice

Dialogue Between Neighbours

Good Practice Illustration

In the last three years, Turkey has been experiencing a complicated time with a variety of challenges related to living together in diversity. This diversity has been affected by a great number of individuals coming from neighbouring areas in conflict such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan etc. Turkey has been actively trying to help them feel safe and comfortable by opening camps and providing necessary life conditions, simplifying procedures for residence permit etc.

Amongst those individuals who live with local citizens, there still is a huge gap in communication and feelings such as xenophobia, nationalism and intolerant behaviour, fear and conflicts which are still predominant.

The initiative aimed to promote tolerance, breaking of stereotypes, promoting mutual respect between neighbours which represents their own national and other cultures by educational, informational and promotional activities amongst them with this project. Visual arts as we used video based on real-life stories of those individuals and their life in a foreign country describes how important the Dialogue Between Neighbours – DBN has a vital role for social inclusion. 

To involve young people to dialogue with their neighbours who are coming from different cultures, religions, and social backgrounds preparing a practical record of their communication by using the method of Participatory Video. DBN has been implemented with a video contest (10 Participatory Videos produced by young people and 5 of them were selected) and festival in Antalya on 5 – 7 August 2016, Eskisehir on 26 – 27 August 2016 and in Ankara – 29 – 30 August 2016, Turkey with the participation of more than 600 people.

Results achieved

أنتج الشباب عشرة أشرطة فيديو تشاركية اختير خمسة منها. وشارك في الحوار نحو 600 شخص من السكان المحليين وجماعات الأقليات، كما شارك نحو 15 جهة من أصحاب المصلحة في التعاون والحوار أثناء تنفيذ المشروع. وأمكن الوصول إلى أكثر من 10000 شخص من خلال الترويج للفيديوهات عبر مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي وأنشطة المشروع ووسائل الإعلام المحلية والوطنية. تسنى لأكثر من 300 شخص مشارك في أنشطة المشروع فرصة تحسين المعارف والآراء والسلوكيات المتعلقة بالأقليات الإثنية. كما شارك أكثر من 15 وسيلة إعلامية محلية في نشر فلسفة المشروع ونتائجه